Sunday, July 12, 2015

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It has been far too long since I have blogged. I keep promising myself I will get better, I will remind myself to blog weekly if I can or daily. Then I get wrapped up in life and space the blog! I apologize for that! 

So you may wonder what is new in this momma's life. Being pregnant was rough the first semester and I am finally trying to get my energy back this second semester! It is here but some days I tend to overdue myself because I think I am not pregnant. I feel the baby move and so can Jeremy now which is even more exciting.

 * How has eating been during my pregnancy?
I eat often I snack a lot more than I actually eat a meal. I have been craving shrimp lately and yes I do give in to these cravings in moderation, I do not believe it is going to harm me as everyone always panics. I eat for snacks a lot of chex mix lately, ice water, hummus and carrots. I have been sticking to Jeremy's diet list he is eating chicken and spinach lately to get fit for a test, so what might I be doing with it because that's just so boring! I make a wrap, it has french or Dorothy lynch dressing then some shredded cheese, shredded chicken and a handful of spinach. It is so tasty!! We eat low carb tortillas when we do eat them. I have become highly addicted to spicy famous daves pickle slices on everything. I also love horseradish sauce, onions and horseradish mustard!! YUM! 

*What do I drink?
I often drink water with ice, lots of it. I swear I am always in the bathroom or asking to stop to pee! I do allow myself to splurge with soda occasionally but have been very strict on water since it is so so hot here! 

*How is weight gain going?
I have only gained 3lbs. I am 22 weeks today and that is great! I only gained 25lbs total with A! So I am hoping to stay the same area to be able to bounce back quickly! 

*Changes/Differences this pregnancy than last?
I have faced so many differences this pregnancy. I am on double prenatal this round to be safe with deficiencies due to WLS. I also am on a heme or carbynol iron and calcium citrate. I am more exhausted this round, have tons more headaches and am WAY more EMOTIONAL! I have no cravings or true desires to eat, often times I have to force myself to eat and remember to eat. 

* What exercise are you doing currently?
I am not exercising at this present time and I think that has to do with the extreme heat we live in. The heat makes me feel very sick and light headed so I have been putting it off. I did begin Kayaking today with A and Jeremy and it was amazing for my arms. We are working and discussing on me beginning Cross-Fit exercises at home after baby and squats! I also have began walking at nights with Jeremy but we have been inconsistent in it with the heat, life and him in the field working. However I do feel chasing my super hyper active toddler around has given me a good run for my money in exercise! And we do go float and swim the pools as much as we can! 

* Anything different planned for this baby from my 1st?
I do not plan on doing anything differently with this pregnancy or baby than my last. The only thing I do know is I don't need half the baby stuff I got with A and that I plan to take an easy approach to much of it. Making sure A is involved enough. Being outside and active. More baby-wearing maybe. However I plan to still breastfeed which will affect my diet after baby too! Oh and I know I don't need nearly as many baby clothes as I bought and had last time!! 

Anything else you wish to know or have questions about with a WLS post pregnancy feel free to ask!! 

Here is 18 weeks 6 days photo! 

Much love,

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