Monday, May 25, 2015

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Hello Followers!!

I am sorry that I have been away from my blog for quiet a while. I didn't plan to be away intentionally however sometimes life gets the best of us! I had walked away last leaving you a post about how I had been experiencing a sickness and was unable to work out. Well that sickness was news that we weren't really ready to share yet. However the time is here! WE are expecting our 2nd little girl! I am currently 15 1/2 weeks pregnant and my energy level this time around is gone. To get up and function is a huge effort on my part lately. However, I am seeing a light in this long tunnel and feeling refreshed! So, whats new besides being pregnant again... Revamping our diet!

At the beginning of this crazy pregnancy, all I could get by eating was carbs, carbs and carbs. For anyone post gastric bypass surgery you know this is a bad habit. However we also cannot starve ourselves or avoid carbs because it is needed for the babies development. However what we can do is limit them. We are transitioning to 1x a month grocery shopping and meal planning that includes a diet of no sugar, less than 20g of carbs a day and protein, protein, protein.

My soon to be hubby is trying to get into the Army's special forces selection in September so this means, not only do we need to get him in shape we need to make a life long change to stay active and clean eating. Sometimes this is easier said than done. However a recent study we watched called "Sugar-Cause of Candida- Candida cause of cancer" I think really got my soon to be hubby in the right mindset to focus on letting go of his diet coke addiction and to change to a cleaner eating life style. However to not experience the toxic release of candida dying its a slower process for him. He will begin with taking probiotics and using coconut oil in his foods. However I think once you read about candida and learn the affects it has on your body you would see why its so critical to do the steps correctly and to clear out and get a clean gut!

So, what will this blog entail for the next 6 months! Well I am out of school. So my plan is to blog about our meal prep, meal planning, and recipes. As well as workouts. I am focused on being active as much as I can this pregnancy and trying to not gain any more weight than I did when pregnant with my first!

You may ask us what ever happened to your bet you wrote about. It went poof! However we are both focused on this mission together to eat clean, be active and be there for our daughters. I hope you enjoy the way the blog will run for a while and in a few months we will be back to reviewing proteins, adding in some crossfit and hiking!

Have a blessed day!

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