Friday, March 20, 2015


Sorry for the late posts! It has been crazy and due to some unforeseen medical issues I've been facing I have been unable to work out as I should be. I am getting back on the band wagon with eating finally. I am detoxing from carbs this coming week. Everyone has an addiction that they battle, Carbs is mine! I am weighing in today at 179.4 lbs. I have been dehydrated and forcing myself to finally drink more water.

My previous post discussed the 5 day pouch test! I successfully completed it after starting it with tons of struggle and self control battle and did loose 5lbs. However I began struggling and went back to old habits due to the health problems.

What is the one addiction you face with food? What is your best way to conquer that addiction? What are your goals and dreams?

I do pretty well once I overcome temptation, I am so tempted and once I learn I don't need the Carbs to survive I do quiet well. I enjoy a protein only diet and felt more energy and not so cruddy after detoxing. I also like the slimmer feel without the bloat!
Encouragement is my biggest help! I love people that check in on me and encourage me!

Here's some motivation for you tonight!

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