Saturday, February 28, 2015

Protein review of Jay Robb

What a day it has been! Preparing for my daughter's 1st birthday tomorrow and a party next weekend. I wanted to take a moment of my time and write a review on Jay Robb. So here it goes.
Everyone's looking for a great protein shake. One that taste great, is price acceptable and one that fits their dietary requirements. I was looking for a protein shake that has low carbs, no sugars and tasted good.
Well Jay robbs all are made with Stevia, No artificial sugars, etc. It is made with Whey Isolate which is what most people should drink when looking for a protein shake. Soy is not good for ones body.
I mixed it with  12Oz Almond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla, It is so smooth, not chalky and mixed well. I let it set for a minute and dissolve from the foam. I loved the taste, Its actually the first protein shake that doesn't taste horrible, or leave a nasty after taste and one I actually enjoyed drinking. I tried chocolate and it tasted like Chocolate milk! YUM! It only has 1 carb, 0 sugars mixed with Almond milk that didn't increase my carb count or sugar count! YAY!
I will be ordering more on Monday to use for my workout. The only downfall is you do not get a lot for your money.
I love how simple it mixed, the taste was great and the feeling of being full was even more rewarding! One for the win! Watch for more protein shake reviews!

Disclosure: I am not compenstated in any way by Jay Robb or any other products you will find within my blogs.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's this 5 Day Pouch test you ask?

The 5 day pouch test is a great restart for your pouch when you're a Gastric Bypass Patient. Sometimes we tend to fall off the wagon and consume foods we should not be eating. Obviously this then allows for weight gain, or a stall on our weight loss. So how do we fix it and get back on track? We do the 5 day pouch test and focus our mind on the correct path. See our Gastric Bypass is ONLY A TOOL! We have to retrain the way we think, and the relationship we have with food. It is not only a mental mindset, its a emotional mindset change too.

Here is what the 5 Day Pouch Test Looks Like:
  • Day 1 & 2 Full Liquids – low-carb protein shakes, broth, clear or cream soups, sugar-free gelatin and pudding
  • Day 3 Soft Proteins – canned fish (tuna or salmon) eggs, fresh soft fish (tilapia, sole, orange roughy.
  • Day 4 Firm Protein – ground meat (turkey, beef, chicken, lamb), shellfish, scallops, lobster, fresh salmon or halibut.
  • Day 5  Solid Protein – white meat poultry, beef steak, pork, lamb, wild game
***Add in 64 ounces of Liquid (Water) per day as well)***
I've been reading Why We get Fat, And what to do about it by Gary Taubes. He suggests staying under 20g of carbs a day, Removing sugars and focusing on fats and proteins, so I will also be adding this in during my 5 day pouch tests. Book found here. This is the process in which my Fiance will be focusing, detoxing and restarting his diet as well for his weight loss and fitness routine.

Disclosure: I am not compensated in any way for  any products you will find within my blogs.  I am writing of my own personal experience, opinions and reviews.

60 Day Challenge, Starts NOW!

So last night my Fiance and I went on a 2 Mile round trip Walk. I walked 1 1/2 Miles, Ran 1/2 Mile. Once we got home I offered up a Challenge to him , To be the one to loose the most inches/weight. See we are getting married soon (No date set yet) and I want us to be in great shape for our photos. This is all I asked for my wedding, was beautiful photos! So we sat down and had a challenge placed in front of us. Lately I have been wanting to work out and have been seeking the best work out I can find on the market that appeals to me and draws me in. I found p90x to be a little too drawn out (1 Hour needed for work out) and a little too fast paced for me. Therefore I have been hunting for the one program I would dedicate myself to for the next 60 days, to get me going. Well I found T25 by Shaun T. Ordered it and threw out a challenge. Here's where you can join in with us. 

So he accepted the challenge, Our prize: a day of doing whatever the winner wants to do. This means breakfast in bed for winner, the looser has to tend to our daughter and cook the meals and the winner gets to pick where we go, what we do for the day, and what we watch. Meaning a day of pampering basically. 

Here's what you need to do to partake:

Take your before Measurements and photos. Chose a Program of your choice. Become Accountable to someone. 

This took me a week to set up, as I had to order protein shakes, of course the workout I chose and anything else I felt we needed. 

I ordered a few Jay Robb Protein Shake Samples (awaiting the arrival!)Found Here, Some PB2 Peanut Butter Found here. And My awesome Blender Bottles Shown Below ( I got these off Amazon). I also ordered Premier Protein Ready to Drink Shakes that my Fiance will be trying for the low carb count. Our Fridge and Pantry is carb cleaned out except what I feed our daughter and I stocked up on my Almond Milk!

I love pink and black!!!

My T25 Arrives today, My blender Bottles arrived yesterday. I am hoping my proteins arrive soon as well. However for the time being I will be starting a Pouch test Tomorrow Friday Feburary 27th and using Quest. Want to know more about the Pouch test? Read another blog coming later!

So listed here you will find my measurements and before photos. This challenge Starts today and goes till May 1st, 2015

Hips 38.5
Stomach Area: 34
Waist 31
Chest 34
Both Legs 22
Both arms 11
Neck 12

My Workout for 2-25-15: 20 Standing Lunges, 20 Squats with 10lbs, 4 sets of 5 Curls, 30 Sit ups, 2 sets of 10 Curls behind the head (Dont remember the proper name)
Plus the 2 mile walk/run

Disclosure: I am not compensated in any way for  any products you will find within my blogs.  I am writing of my own personal experience, opinions and reviews.


Welcome to my Blog. Today is a day I have chosen to begin a blog to not only be accountable but to encourage and support others in their own journeys to weight loss. So I want to begin with a little about me so we can all relate and share and be on this journey together.

I am a 26 year old momma to a beautiful almost 1 year old girl. I have always battled with my weight loss and struggled to even conceive my daughter after weight loss.

Details of where I have came from:

In 2007 I hit 280 lbs and continued to grow till in 2010 when I was 302 lbs. In 2010 I decided it was time to take control of my life and I chose to go through many monitored diets and programs. All were failed attempts and I continued to grow. In February of 2011. I was approved for Gastric Bypass Surgery with a Surgery date of 4-11-11.
On the morning of my Surgery I was engaged to a man that told me I would die during the surgery and not improve my life, that I would always be fat. That morning I weighed in at 284 lbs.
Day of Surgery

I made it through my surgery, and survived the next several months of loosing the much needed weight. I found confidence in myself, and found out who I really was.

302 lbs to 284 lbs to 176 lbs

 I ended up going through a divorce. Partying way too much, Falling in love again and ending up pregnant with my daughter after months of fertility drugs. The fertility drugs caused me to gain weight and of course any prior fat girl then begins to battle the mentality of being fat again. 

40 Weeks Pregnant (25 lbs Gained) 210 lbs

Thankfully after the birth of my daughter I lost my weight quickly. I was up to 194 lbs on her date of pregnancy confirmation, got down to 180 lbs, went back up to 210 lbs on date of delivery, but to 194 lbs 2 weeks post delivery. I went through another failed relationship and ended engagement and knew it was time to make a change. I then began to work out, eat right and believe in myself again to where I am currently back to 178 lbs. 

178 lbs size 10

The purpose I have for this blog is that I want to become even more fit. I am not happy with my results thus far. I have a beautiful daughter, have went through 1 divorce, 1 failed engagement and I am currently preparing for a wedding to the man of my dreams. I want to be that fit momma that can chase her daughter, encourage eating habits that are healthy and most of all feel great and confident about myself. 

Disclosure: I am not compensated in any way for  any products you will find within my blogs.  I am writing of my own personal experience, opinions and reviews.