Thursday, February 26, 2015


Welcome to my Blog. Today is a day I have chosen to begin a blog to not only be accountable but to encourage and support others in their own journeys to weight loss. So I want to begin with a little about me so we can all relate and share and be on this journey together.

I am a 26 year old momma to a beautiful almost 1 year old girl. I have always battled with my weight loss and struggled to even conceive my daughter after weight loss.

Details of where I have came from:

In 2007 I hit 280 lbs and continued to grow till in 2010 when I was 302 lbs. In 2010 I decided it was time to take control of my life and I chose to go through many monitored diets and programs. All were failed attempts and I continued to grow. In February of 2011. I was approved for Gastric Bypass Surgery with a Surgery date of 4-11-11.
On the morning of my Surgery I was engaged to a man that told me I would die during the surgery and not improve my life, that I would always be fat. That morning I weighed in at 284 lbs.
Day of Surgery

I made it through my surgery, and survived the next several months of loosing the much needed weight. I found confidence in myself, and found out who I really was.

302 lbs to 284 lbs to 176 lbs

 I ended up going through a divorce. Partying way too much, Falling in love again and ending up pregnant with my daughter after months of fertility drugs. The fertility drugs caused me to gain weight and of course any prior fat girl then begins to battle the mentality of being fat again. 

40 Weeks Pregnant (25 lbs Gained) 210 lbs

Thankfully after the birth of my daughter I lost my weight quickly. I was up to 194 lbs on her date of pregnancy confirmation, got down to 180 lbs, went back up to 210 lbs on date of delivery, but to 194 lbs 2 weeks post delivery. I went through another failed relationship and ended engagement and knew it was time to make a change. I then began to work out, eat right and believe in myself again to where I am currently back to 178 lbs. 

178 lbs size 10

The purpose I have for this blog is that I want to become even more fit. I am not happy with my results thus far. I have a beautiful daughter, have went through 1 divorce, 1 failed engagement and I am currently preparing for a wedding to the man of my dreams. I want to be that fit momma that can chase her daughter, encourage eating habits that are healthy and most of all feel great and confident about myself. 

Disclosure: I am not compensated in any way for  any products you will find within my blogs.  I am writing of my own personal experience, opinions and reviews.

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