Saturday, February 28, 2015

Protein review of Jay Robb

What a day it has been! Preparing for my daughter's 1st birthday tomorrow and a party next weekend. I wanted to take a moment of my time and write a review on Jay Robb. So here it goes.
Everyone's looking for a great protein shake. One that taste great, is price acceptable and one that fits their dietary requirements. I was looking for a protein shake that has low carbs, no sugars and tasted good.
Well Jay robbs all are made with Stevia, No artificial sugars, etc. It is made with Whey Isolate which is what most people should drink when looking for a protein shake. Soy is not good for ones body.
I mixed it with  12Oz Almond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla, It is so smooth, not chalky and mixed well. I let it set for a minute and dissolve from the foam. I loved the taste, Its actually the first protein shake that doesn't taste horrible, or leave a nasty after taste and one I actually enjoyed drinking. I tried chocolate and it tasted like Chocolate milk! YUM! It only has 1 carb, 0 sugars mixed with Almond milk that didn't increase my carb count or sugar count! YAY!
I will be ordering more on Monday to use for my workout. The only downfall is you do not get a lot for your money.
I love how simple it mixed, the taste was great and the feeling of being full was even more rewarding! One for the win! Watch for more protein shake reviews!

Disclosure: I am not compenstated in any way by Jay Robb or any other products you will find within my blogs.  

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