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  This includes workplace bullies as well as bullies in schools almost all of whom are sociopaths or narcissists. (LV)

            Today I wanted to take a second and blog about something that occurred to me last night. Something that I haven't been through personally till now and something I really didn't think I would ever personally face as an adult. That would be CYBER-BULLYING! 

Cyber-bullying as defined is the dictionary is: the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously.
Bullying speaks negatively of the bully, but tells us nothing about his victim. it is the opposite of honor and consideration. Cyber Bullying Poster -

                  I personally as a 26 year old mother never thought that removing a simple person from my Facebook for personal reasons would end up in a personal cyber-bullying me in a group that we were both part of. This person feels that because she left me anonymous, however posted intentionally for me to see her post that she was leaving because I removed her from my Facebook and the admins of such group wouldn't kick me out that she would post hints about who I was, How many mutual friends I had with others and continue to bash me for what reasons I removed her from my Facebook for. When I addressed her that she was being a cyber bully she stated because it was anonymous it wasn't cyber-bullying... Sad truth is it is still!

                  When you bash, belittle, harass, attack someone with mentioning a name or not mentioning a name you are being a bully.  You are trying to hurt someone intentionally and by people responding on her post and getting involved in discussion about it is making those who commented a bully as well. 
              It is quite sad how you an watch the news and see reports of children, teens, adults killing themselves over the fact that someone, somewhere on the Internet was being a bully to them. And I am sure just like this person, they play the victim and say how they weren't bullying the person that has ended their life in all reality that are the cause and are a mean and hateful person deep down inside. 

           After my incident last night, I have learned a few things about this incident and what it has made me feel. I do not agree with nor will I ever accept anyone bullying me for standing up for my own beliefs, my own feelings and my own opinion. Some one's life choices and decisions are their own to live with and if I chose to remove someone from my life because I don't agree with those choices I am not in the wrong. I am allowed to be human, I am allowed to feel a certain way and I am allowed to have my own privacy. I will never ever tolerate my daughter's bullying another person and I will take proper action to place discipline to my children for bullying anyone. It is our job as parents to raise our daughter's and son's to respect others and to be civil, but at the same time our children are allowed freedom of speech and to voice their opinions. My child will never be subject to bullying either. I can guarantee that I will take the steps needed to make sure anyone that bullies my children will have to answer to their actions. And last but not least, I have learned I am not a victim by this little girls actions. She obviously has some battles and issues in her own life that she feels the need to tear down someone else, to get a group of so called grown women attacking an unnamed person. By being the bigger person and by not responding to the hurtful comments, the bashing and the hatred, I am the bigger person. I didn't become a victim other than her trying to make me one. I can sit here today with a clear mind and know that I said nothing wrong, I didn't respond in a moment of hatred and I didn't let her get to me. Instead she showed me all the signs to watch for to prevent bullying especially cyber bullying from happening to myself or my children.

  So to you, I thank you. Thank you for showing me I am strong, for attacking me and letting me find my strengths when most fall down and loose the battle. Thank you for proving how much I have grown in the last 2 years. Thank you for teaching me a lesson that I will one day be able to teach my daughters. Thank you for proving another lesson in my life where I will not play victim but will use it to teach someone else. Thank you for allowing me to find the beauty in the friendships I do have. 

Krista XO

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