Monday, August 17, 2015

26 Weeks and Counting! Pregnant WITH WLS

What a fun couple of weeks its been, with appointments for catching up for prenatal care that we needed done, to preparing for a trip to Colorado, to getting Jeremy taken care of for work. I sometimes feel as if I am busier as a stay at home mom and wife than as an employee to a large company. Don't get me wrong I am in no means complaining, but some days I feel as if I never stop!

We were able to get our anatomy scan done and A behaved so well alone with me since Jeremy was at work. It is in fact a second baby girl! We are excited and nervous all at the same time! And I am in my 2 weeks of doing my blood sugar finger pricks for my gestational diabetes, OH Boy!

As a gastric  bypass patient we are advocates for our own care. I have done enough research and know how I respond to increased amount of sugars in 1 sitting in a short period of time I would end up hospitalized. So rather than having to do the glucose orange drink I am doing 2 weeks of 4 finger pricks a day. Or another alternative some doctors chose to use is to pull your a1c1 every 3 months from the start of your pregnancy. Let's just say I hate needles and this process and its stressing me out. I am terrified of the results, I am worried for of course B's health as well as she could end up with Diabetes later in life I have them during pregnancy and a week before all this we finally agreed to revamp our diets and get onto a clean eating for after she comes making shopping quicker, and easier for either parent to do!

My 26 week appointment to learn gestational diabetes involved a nutrition course and sadly all that was recommended to me to eat and how much was recommended to eat would never and could never fit in my tummy. And the scale climbed to 190lbs. I often have this mental mind game and battle because of the scale climbing. So at 27 weeks I am 190lbs and that puts me at a total weight gain for the pregnancy so far as 11lbs. I am hoping to stay under 25lbs as I did with A but we will see. Two nights ago I began doing 10 squats a night, 10 pelvic tilts and now I've added in 30 minutes of walking a night tonight, well it actually ended up being 15 minutes because it was 102 degrees. But I went .69 miles.

What the next week entails in our home for us is preparing for Aspen and I to fly to Colorado to visit some friends, attend a memorial service for my best friends mom and to enjoy some time away from the house. By time I return I'll be 30 weeks. So between gathering plane toys for Aspen, planning meals and shopping trips for September, and making sure all is done around the house it has been crazy. I am ready for the break, but sadly I do start my last 2 pre-reqs for nursing school on August 31st so my break will still involve being a Mommy and doing homework for Chemistry and A&P 2. But I know all of this chaos is worth it in the end!

See you again soon!
Krista xo

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