Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How do you plan for the 2nd baby???

How does one truely plan for the birth of a second child? I am a planner, a scheduler and I do not like being left to the unknowns. It causes me great anxiety and fear.

I lately have found myself worried about my daughter, She will be 21 months when B arrives and A has only really known me, daddy, and a few close friends of mine. She is not use to being with people without me and I think that sends both of us into a separation anxiety filled attitude. When I have left her she cries for me and it breaks my heart often times I leave when shes napping so she wakes up to daddy and isn't as bad of a freak out. It has gotten worst as I've gotten more pregnant.

The thought of leaving A with someone she barely knows is terrifying to me. What if they abuse her? What if they neglect he? How will she feel being away from us? I cannot get over these fears it took me a lot to return to work after A was born and let someone I didn't know watch her. But this situation is different. I could in fact be away more than 1 day depending on labor, delivery and release from the hospital and A has never been away from me for more than 1 overnight with her Nanny in Colorado. I am trying to find faith that it will work out but at the same time all of this rushes through my head. Someone who barely knows her doesn't know her routine, doesn't know her behaviors, and I really think she'll feel abandoned but I have no choice with no local family and with a 2nd baby you just never know when they are going to come. Will she come way before her due date, will she come after it. We have no clue and I think that's what drives me the most insane!

I have decided to try and get a few people around her to socialize her, and may even interview a few that may come to the house and watch her need be. But I am still so anxious over it all. So if you read this blog and have any pointers, tips, tricks or trades you want to share for how to handle this fear, this anxiety or situation feel free to post a comment to me!

My plan for the 2nd baby is to get the birth plan done soon either before Colorado or After I return from my vacation. To have our bags started for all 3 of us and then to just wait and see what happens. Obviously I have no control but what I can plan for I will plan for! I don't know who she'll go with whether it will be Jeremy's coworkers wife, whether it be a friend of ours that I've hung out with a few times, or a hired person, All I know is I continue to seek peace in this matter and hope that she understands when the time does come We are coming back and we do love her stinky butt.

How did you plan for your 2nd baby? What steps did you take for the care of your other child? How did you make a smooth transition at home?

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