Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life around California

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the late post and mild gap. I went to Colorado for a quick visit to come back and learn I needed Iron Infusions. When the doctor tells you that you are pale white and you have a saturation of 4% when it should be 50% it means business.  With every pregnancy, every surgery comes all the year later journeys and experiences. This was a first for me. During my pregnancy with A. I never required infusions, however with B it seems my body is just giving up at times when I need it to stay strong. So I experienced 3 weeks of iron infusions and boy was that fun. Here is how they go for anyone curious about an Iron infusion during pregnancy or after Gastric Bypass. 

You arrive, they verify your info. Take you to a room, you get comfy and then they medicate you. I got tylenol and benadryl. The benadryl is suppose to help with any reaction you may have. You get told there is a medication similar to an epi-pen in the med room should you have a reaction, which is extremely extremely rare. Then the fun begins, you get an IV. then you get temps, vitals etc taken every 15 minutes for the 2-4 hours your infusion goes. Expect lots of beeping and no alone time, haha. After all this is done, they start the infusion, it takes a 15 minute monitoring constantly to ensure proper flow, no reactions etc. All I can say from this journey is ask for an extra blanket because you will get chilly and prepare to be sleepy and dose between vital checks from the benadryl! But it is pain free, and actually I have been free from eating ice for several weeks, I noticed a change within 1 week and got my energy back. I was however recently told by my OB not to consider any further children without infusions prior to pregnancy and during. But that is okay with us as we are done with children! 

Life has been hetic in our household otherwise, A is attempting to potty train, learning new words and getting into all the trouble in the world. This child has attitude like crazy. I always wonder why she has such a huge meltdown but I think it has to do with her limited words and becoming frustrated that Mommy just doesnt understand. I am busy in school working hard on finishing Chemistry and A&P 2 so I can apply to RN programs finally. And of course the hubby is busy with Army work. 

Holidays are upon us and that also means B's arrival. My last check up indicated no contractions, no issues, and we did a blood draw for my CBC to see if my iron has improved since the infusions. I am only up 18lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and I go back next week for a membrane stripping and 38 week check up! I am eager to see what my newest little bundle of joy will look like and what personality she will have, but I am also dreading leaving A and childbirth and homework as my semester doesn't end till after she's here! Anyways, Thought I would take a moment of my night and share my infusion update news, and maybe help someone else who may be curious. Have a great week!


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